Of Titles and Taglines

Before I begin let me make myself clear: Yes, I messed up and I posted this a day late. Happy?

With that out of the way, I shall share with you the story of the origins of my title and tagline…..

The assignment today required me to come up with a title for my blog along with a tagline to compliment it. It seemed a bit too trivial to me so I decided against it. Until the e-mail brought up an interesting argument:

You don’t have to let your title share the same name as your crummy URL. Let it reflect you.

Of course, these were not the exact words but it might as well have said that. Anyways, I found myself in favour of this notion as indicated by my silent slow nodding in front of my phone. While my mind was oozing with creative names and phrases for my title, most of them would make me look immature or come off as trying too hard. Therefore, I headed off to the Reader for inspiration. Needless to say, inspiration was everywhere. Then, after a brief visit, I had finally pieced together the perfect title (for me, anyway).

I was thinking about how I could relate my love for writing together with my penchant for giving thoughts about the things in life and so I thought to myself,     “A novel is simply a reflection of the author’s life constructed by sentences.”  Thus, Life Sentences was born.


What are your thoughts?

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