If you are reading this, try to imagine there is a person smiling and waving at you from the other side of your screen, warmth radiating from his gleaming face. No, that person is not literally behind your screen so stop peeking behind it.

Where you should be looking is behind you…

You scared? Thought so. Anyway, welcome to the blog!

I hail from Malaysia, the land of great delicious food and home to a large multi-racial community and a vast variety of exotic flora and fauna. Or, in simpler terms, that landmass underneath Thailand. While, officially, I am a resident born into the Land of the Hornbills, I will be, and always will be, a Southern Tiger alongside my family.

For further, unnecessary, emphasis and clarity. (Or if geography is a lost cause to you at school)

What I write here are mainly insights of the things that go on in my life and around it. It can be about anything ranging from issues like the Trump presidential campaign or how privatization in the UK has benefited Malaysians, to simple everyday topics like anime, school and even a personal in-depth opinion of that bag of chips I had eaten earlier in the evening.

Long story short, I am not bound to one particular subject as life is about the big picture.

As always, have a nice day.