Sleep-deprived Sunday

It’s about half past one in the morning as I’m writing this. My head feels heavy, my dehydrated lips crack as I yawn and my eyes feel tired. The logical step to take would probably be to lie down in bed and drift off into slumber, right? Makes sense to me. I’ve got a bus to catch in the next four hours so being as well-rested as I can should give me the energy get through the day.

Unfortunately, instead of being whisked away into the theater of the subconscious mind, dull white paint and a bright orange lamp fill my view for a solid 20 minutes. My eyelids don’t seem to be helping me much aside from covering my eyes while listen to myself breathe.

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Talking ’bout my generation

If any of you mentally sang the title above, congratulations! You get a cookie.

Old music jokes aside, the old has been replaced with the new; the number 7 rolled over with a click to give us 2018 and the new year has begun. Barely a week into this brand new year we have a lot of news coming our way. Good or bad, depends on how you see it. There’s been hearsay that the world might see a nuclear war between the US and North Korea based off of Trump’s and Kim Jong-un’s tweets; the diplomatic ice between the two Koreas may begin to thaw as the North has been reported to have initiated talks with the South to Winter Olympics in Seoul and more political discontent in Malaysia.

Oh, and the ringgit is now 4 to the dollar. Hooray.

All of this news sounds like a lot to take in but what does it have to do with the topic at hand?

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Daily Hypocrisy

Apparently, according to the media as of present, we live in an era of “post-truth”. An age where fallacies such as ‘alternative facts’ or ‘fake news’ are real and effect the lives of the populace. A time where people can deny a truth by saying that truth is false and seek out other truths and facts can be swapped out with other facts when they are deemed ‘alternative’.

However, I have a different opinion: We have been living that way for a very long time and it is called being a hypocrite. Both sides of the spectrum that have been spewing these terms out against each other only use them to their benefit. It can be a damaging fact but if does not fit the narrative, surely we can pick and choose the facts we wish to portray ourselves as. We can say that the news is fake and fabricated but once it is released to the public, there will be people that will come to accept as truth not because they have been lied to, no, but they have been subconsciously waiting for that news to validate a truth that they hold.

And this hypocrisy does not end there.

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Good Morning

At the crack of dawn on a normal day,

Beads of dew shine as the sun starts to light;

My cats awaken and begin to play,

Stopping to watch a flock of birds in flight;

The plants around them dancing slowly,

To the rhythm of the delicate breeze;

The furballs roam the field calmly,

Like dandelions wandering at ease.

The sky is filled with a vibrant orange

Decorated with fluffy balls of fur;

It has been that way for years without change

With the sun’s light clearing the nightly blur.

Time can cut you quickly like a sharp knife.

Rise early, to make the most out of life.

The Art of Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Debating is something I know I have the ability to do but refrain from doing so anyway due to several reasons. And when I say debating I mean the school debating competition scene or “parliamentary-style” debating.

To me, that sort of debating is not really practical. Granted, it does teach you about what debating is all about and its usefulness in life, but it also gives participants a watered-down version of the actual thing. This is because, as far as I’m concerned, no one would really limit themselves to three points-of-argument only and for a set amount of time. They would rather interrupt you with their thoughts at any given time and, if they have nothing else to do, bombard you with long-winded rants that may or may not be relevant to the original argument.

But, what I’m talking about today isn’t about what school debates teach you to do in life, it is about what school debates teach you not to do in life. More specifically, spewing out statements and arguments that are detrimental to your stance or credibility as a person.

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A Cup..

A cup of coffee starts my day,

A pat on the head to my cat

Makes it purr.

A look-through the news today


Fills me with a cup of knowledge;

An overwhelming taste of despair, rage and death that

Has a hint of hope of life, joy and wonder

Of which is enough to fill me with determination.

One of positivity and optimism

To get me through the short harrowing 24 hours.


Weary and battered, I shuffle to bed,

Inching closer and closer to the soft comforting pillow.

A glass of hot cocoa helps to soothe my troubled head,

That keeps pondering about the mysteries of tomorrow.

Write It Your Way

The ability to simply let loose and speak our minds out silently is a luxury that writing gives us. We can create entire worlds with nothing more than a pen and paper (or in this case, computer).

Some write to express their thoughts and some write to liberate the suffering. Some write to help others and some write as a form of therapy, pouring out years of pain and strained emotions that would have otherwise been bottled up.

As for me, I write simply because I want to. There is no better feeling than to write whatever that comes to mind. No objective to focus on and no specific topic to discuss. Just writing.

As the new kid on the block, I’m pretty sure this is quite the mouthful for a first post. But hey, this is what blogging is about.

Have a nice day and write it your way.