Sleep-deprived Sunday

It’s about half past one in the morning as I’m writing this. My head feels heavy, my dehydrated lips crack as I yawn and my eyes feel tired. The logical step to take would probably be to lie down in bed and drift off into slumber, right? Makes sense to me. I’ve got a bus to catch in the next four hours so being as well-rested as I can should give me the energy get through the day.

Unfortunately, instead of being whisked away into the theater of the subconscious mind, dull white paint and a bright orange lamp fill my view for a solid 20 minutes. My eyelids don’t seem to be helping me much aside from covering my eyes while listen to myself breathe.

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Guess Who’s Back?


The long-winded hiatus is now over!

Sorry for the wait. A lot of things happened along the way (AS exams, school, etc..) and that ended up stretching out the hiatus for more than the intended month.

I’ll continue writing this blog although not as often as before due to personal commitments. Expect a new post every 3 days or so.


  • Schedule not set strict and subject to change
  • May forget to update occasionally
    • In such events, beat me over the head for it (figuratively)

A Cup..

A cup of coffee starts my day,

A pat on the head to my cat

Makes it purr.

A look-through the news today


Fills me with a cup of knowledge;

An overwhelming taste of despair, rage and death that

Has a hint of hope of life, joy and wonder

Of which is enough to fill me with determination.

One of positivity and optimism

To get me through the short harrowing 24 hours.


Weary and battered, I shuffle to bed,

Inching closer and closer to the soft comforting pillow.

A glass of hot cocoa helps to soothe my troubled head,

That keeps pondering about the mysteries of tomorrow.